Fort Point Channel

Walsh Announces Fort Point Park Plan

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wants to bring active recreation to the Fort Point Channel and build new “large open spaces” on both sides of the waterway that runs between downtown Boston and the Seaport District.

Hurricane Irma Losses Could Exceed $65 Billion

Preliminary loss estimates for Hurricane Irma is estimated to be between $42.5 billion and $65 billion (excluding uninsured commercial losses), according to a report released today from CoreLogic, a global property information company.

Massachusetts Unemployment Drops To 4.2 Percent

Unemployment in Massachusetts dropped to 4.2 percent in the month of August, once again bringing the number of people that do not have a job, but have actively looked in the last four weeks, below the national average of 4.4 percent.

Personnel File

Align Credit Union, Cape Cod Five, Fort Point PM and more all announce additions to their teams in this week’s personnel file.