MID On The Chopping Block

After failing to make good on numerous campaign promises including, most dramatically, repealing and/or replacing the Affordable Care Act, the Trump administration has turned its attention to another touchy subject: tax reform.

Manikka Bowman

TAPping Into Historical Economic Changes

New England is known for its quaint towns and historical appeal, but these days civic leaders are being challenged to strike a delicate balance between maintaining their historical charm and meeting the needs of a region facing significant growth.

Letter To The Editor

On behalf of the 24,000 members of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, I want to extend thanks and appreciation for the Aug. 20 editorial “Help Needed To Hang A Hat.”

Bernice Ross

How Would You Sell A ‘Murder House?’

Murders, suicides, hauntings – all provoke prurient interest in a property that can often morph into a three-ring media circus. If you became the listing agent, would you downplay the media attention to avoid the property becoming more stigmatized or would you capitalize on the free publicity? More importantly, what disclosures would you advise your clients to make?

We Didn’t Start The Fire

Have you heard? According to media reports, the Millennials are responsible for the death of pretty much everything. Wine corks, napkins, the American Dream, the beer industry, homeownership – it’s a pretty long list.


Editorial Cartoon

It can be easy for one generation to transfer blame to another, but the Millennials may be pulling their weight more than Baby Boomers think.

Timothy Sullivan

Market Embraces Workforce Housing

MassHousing launched the nation’s most ambitious state-level initiative specifically aimed at building middle-income affordability because we saw the housing market struggling to respond to the housing needs of Massachusetts’s working families.