July 23, 2014 | Updated 12:00am

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 11:46am

Soaring Startup Circle Chats With PayPal

Four student teams in an inaugural summer accelerator program led by Boston College alumni met with PayPal execs in late June to share stories and receive business advice.

Soaring Startup Circle (SSC) met with David Chang, chief operating officer of PayPal Media Network and founder of Start Tank, and Karen Landry, program manager of Start Tank in Boston. After Chang delivered a presentation of Start Tank, the students discussed their own ventures and asked business advice before touring the PayPal offices and Start Tank space.

Soaring Startup Circle is being established as a 501(c) 3 organization in the commonwealth of Massachusetts and has no formal association with Boston College.

Selected in late April, the undergraduate student teams chosen for the inaugural Soaring Startup Circle are mentored by the program's Executive Committee: Tom Coburn, CEO at Jebbit; Justin Dziama, vice president at Avison Young; Miguel Galvez, co-founder at NBD Nanotechnologies; Dave McLaughlin, CEO and founder at Vsnap; and Harvey Simmons, dean of marketing affairs at EverTrue. The teams receive support in the form of office space, funding, weekly mentoring sessions and direct access to investors, lawyers and more.

The program rotates their workspace every three weeks from the offices of successful startup companies such as Buildium, Vsnap and Jebbit, with the aim of exposing the students to the varying day-to-day processes of different companies and the management styles of entrepreneurial BC alumni, such as Michael Monteiro, David McLaughlin and Tom Coburn.

"SSC works to provide external programs for the students, giving them the opportunity to network with entrepreneurial experts in the Boston startup and business community," Dziama said in a statement. "By connecting our teams with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, we aim to broaden the students' perspectives and give them insight on how to grow and improve their business."

In Wednesday's presentation, Chang exposed SSC to the startup ecosystem fostered by Start Tank, an "innovation" space for early stage startups. Hosted in PayPal's Boston, London and Chennai offices, Start Tank offers its entrepreneurs advice and expertise, access to angel investors and venture capitalists and a collaborative and innovative environment working alongside PayPal teams.

"We are very passionate about helping early stage entrepreneurs at Start Tank, and it was a pleasure to meet with current Boston College students," Chang said in the statement. "These students represent the next generation of founders, and all of us appreciated the opportunity to help shape their futures."


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