April 19, 2014 | Updated 11:42am

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Updated Wednesday, Apr. 16 @ 12:22pm


Stoddard Named CFO At Greylock Federal Credit Union

Greylock Federal Credit Union has hired Michael Stoddard as senior vice president and chief financial officer, effective April 1.

McGeorge Stepping Down At Needham Bank

By Laura Alix

Jack W. McGeorge will step down from his post as CEO of Needham Bank next year, the bank's board of directors announced this week.

Former Webster Bank COO Plush Named Santander CFO

Santander Bank has appointed former Webster Bank COO Jerry Plush chief financial officer of Santander Holdings USA Inc., the bank's U.S. holding company.

DeLoria Joins Florence Savings Bank

Florence Savings Bank has hired Barbara-Jean DeLoria.

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