July 24, 2014 | Updated 12:00am

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Updated Wednesday, Jul. 23 @ 11:57am


Jurilla Promoted To Senior VP At The Village Bank

The Auburndale-based Village Bank has promoted Mark G. Jurilla to senior vice president of retail banking.

Michael Baker International Promotes Sidani

Engineering and consulting services provider Michael Baker International has promoted vice president Maher "Mike" Sidani to chief engineer of the company's Northeast region.

Village Bank CEO Brennan Steps Down, De Vito To Assume Role

Joseph A. De Vito, current executive vice president and chief financial officer at Auburndale-based Village Bank, has been elected president and CEO by the bank's board of directors.

Eastern Insurance Promotes Fallon

Natick-based Eastern Insurance Group LLC, a subsidiary of Eastern Bank, has appointed John Fallon as executive vice president.

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