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Boston’s Resilience in a Volatile World

It doesn’t take a real estate expert to see that development has been going strong throughout Greater Boston. Still, external forces could have dramatic impacts on the area’s continued growth.

Surprises Ahead in 2019

As the calendar has moved to 2019, we look forward with anticipation and predictions about what may be in store for the mortgage industry. The one thing I am confident of predicting is that there will be many surprises during 2019.

A Tax Treat for Multifamily Investors

A federal stimulus program designed to encourage investment in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods is likely to deliver tax savings to investors in multifamily developments, particularly in Massachusetts’ working-class cities and suburbs.

BPDA Approves 559 Housing Units

Multifamily development projects totaling 559 residential units in Mattapan, East Boston, South Boston and the Fenway were approved Thursday by Boston Planning and Development Agency directors.

Community Good Works

Members of the real estate, construction and banking industries made valued contributions to their communities this week.