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It’s Not About The Ingredients; It’s About The Recipe

From the outset, Fred Bertino’s destiny would have seemed to be in the medical world. After all, his whole family works in that field. But during college, he changed course. During a yearlong break from his studies, he worked for an advertising agency in New York City and it was then that he was hooked. “I loved the way that marketers are problem-solvers with the tools of communication,” Bertino said. Now the head of his own advertising agency, Bertino uses those tools of communication to help banks (and others) solve their problems.

Your Brand Is Your Biggest Asset

Imagine waking up to an alert on your mobile device that Apple, one of the greatest and most powerful brands in the world, is entering the financial services industry. If you work at a bank or credit union, manage stocks, IRAs or money market funds, you should be frightened by that news.