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From a Challenge to a Career

When Janice Houghton began her career in the banking industry more than four decades ago, she found herself facing many challenges, mainly because she was in an industry dominated by men. But in early November, Houghton left the industry on top, retiring from her post as president and CEO of StonehamBank.

Why People’s United Paid Only $327M for Belmont Savings Bank

The parent company of People’s United Bank completed its acquisition of the parent company of Farmington Bank in an all-stock transaction valued at $544 million nearly two months ago. Last week, People’s United announced it will buy the parent company of Belmont Savings Bank in an all-stock transaction valued at $327 million. Given that both banks hold about $3 billion in assets, what made the Farmington deal so much more lucrative than the Belmont deal? 

After Midterms, Gridlock Puts Regulatory Relief Efforts on Hold

Don’t expect to see much in terms of federal banking legislation over the next two years, after contentious midterm elections saw Democrats take a majority in the House of Representatives, while Republicans increased their advantage in the Senate. Experts expect Congress to be muted when it comes to further discussions on regulatory relief, but...

A Credit Union for Farmers

Scott Budde previously worked in the investment management arm of TIAA and would go on to create the first division of the bank focused on social and impact investing strategies. Now he’s part of a group of stakehold­ers launching the first ever credit union in the country to lend exclusively to farmers and food entrepreneurs.