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Bernice Ross

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Bernice Ross, CEO of, is a national speaker, trainer and author.
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A Tectonic Shift in the Ultra-Luxury Market

There’s a tectonic shift taking place in the ultra-luxury market that may leave many of today’s mega-mansions languishing on the market. In fact, the very amenities that many people have valued in the past may make their property worth less, rather than more.

Shorten Your ‘Cycle Time’

Whether it’s the time it takes to generate a lead, convert a lead, take a listing, show buyers property or close a sale, every aspect of the real estate business has a different cycle time.

Price Those Listings Right!

Pricing your listings properly at the beginning of the listing period is the most important step to getting your properties under contract. While some of the following strategies are not for the weak of heart, try them – they really do work.

Time to Ditch Your Listing Presentation

Are you still doing a listing “presentation” where you use slides or do most of the talking? If you want to convert more listing appointments into signed listings, it’s time to shift from doing listing presentations to doing listening consultations.

2018 Predictions: Shake, Rattle and Roll

The tax bill has passed, home prices are up, the stock market keeps hitting all-time highs and consumer confidence has soared. On the other hand, we’ve been rattled by a year of unprecedented natural disasters, growing divisiveness and an ongoing inventory shortage. What will happen in 2018? Look for things to shake, rattle and roll!

Five Secrets For Digitally Marketing Your Next Open House

Marketing and converting open house leads is easier than ever and it costs next to nothing. Perhaps the most shocking finding in the 2016 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers was that an open house generates as many closed listing transactions as, Zillow, Trulia, MLS, broker and

Is The Online Advertising Model On Its Deathbed?

How would the real estate industry change if its online paid advertising models no longer worked? There’s a tremendous transformation taking place that will fundamentally alter how you will do business in the very near future. What can you do to be prepared?

In Defense Of The Open House

If there was a lead generation program that cost nothing, that resulted in more closed listing transactions than all the real estate lead generation, MLS and brokerage websites combined, and that allowed you to do a face-to-face presentation with “right now buyers and sellers,” would you use it? If you answered yes, it’s time to revisit the open house.

Demolishing First-Time Buyer Myths

Numerous articles have been written proclaiming that it’s cheaper to rent than to buy, that today’s high prices are preventing first-time buyers from purchasing, and that Millennials aren’t nearly as motivated to purchase homes as the Baby Boomers were. The next time you hear one of these

How Would You Sell A ‘Murder House?’

Murders, suicides, hauntings – all provoke prurient interest in a property that can often morph into a three-ring media circus. If you became the listing agent, would you downplay the media attention to avoid the property becoming more stigmatized or would you capitalize on the free publicity? More importantly, what disclosures would you advise your clients to make?

Women Brokers Reinvent The Rules Of Leadership

Much has been made about the fact that the top leadership positions in real estate are held primarily by men. Could it be that women are deciding to create their businesses in a way that suits them rather than trying to fight it out in the boardroom for a limited number of seats at the table?