Cassidy Murphy

Cassidy Murphy

Banker & Tradesman Staff

Cassidy Murphy is associate publisher and media relations director of The Warren Group, publisher of Banker & Tradesman.
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Slideshow: Mission Hill Project

View of Parker St. from Terrace St. View of art park View of art park News board at art park with Kathryn Brookins’ newsletter posted inside. “Welcome” trellis of art park. Close-up of Welcome trellis. View of art park on project lot, from Parker St. View of project lot from Parker St. View of...

Tops In The Trade

Richard Fisher kicks off 2014 as president of the Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts Inc., the only state-wide trade association that represents all subcontractors. Also president of Redwing Construction, he discusses his goals for the upcoming year, and where he thinks the commercial real estate industry is headed in 2014.

Joseph Riley

Joseph Riley knows who to thank for his success in life. The mentors who took him in along the way; the Boston-area schools that gave him the gift of education; himself, for all of his own hard work – yes, all of these – but mostly, it’s his mother, Marie Riley, and an unknown man who used to be a line boss at the Polaroid factory.

Finding Time

Martha Coakley has earned her reputation as a fierce defender of the public interest. In her six years as attorney general, she’s taken on everyone from Goldman Sachs to Apple and the Environmental Protection Agency. But behind the power suits and courtroom battles, Coakley is a woman who enjoys long walks with her dogs, has fond memories growing up in the Berkshires and is known to crack a joke or two – despite her public perception.