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Lew Sichelman

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Most Listings Lack Key Elements

Sellers whose listings do not include virtual tours, professional photographs and floor plans are being cheated by their real estate agents. Without the proper visuals, homes will likely take longer to sell and fetch a lower price. 

Private Flood Policies Bear Scrutiny

Because of climate change, Spencer Glendon – a senior fellow at the Woodwell Climate Research Center, one of the world’s most respected climate think tanks – said recently that it may not be long before every homeowner in the country will need flood insurance.

New Ways of Homebuilding, Selling Find Openings

Sure, stick building is still the norm. And most builders are still using model homes to show off their wares in the best light possible. But slowly and surely, they are changing the way they do business – some say for the better.

How to Safely Jettison a Timeshare

There are numerous charlatans out there who will promise to buy your timeshare or help you sell it. There is little substance to most of their assurances, at least not until they get their hands on your money. 

Beware Agents Who Double-Dip

A new report from the Consumer Federation of America argues that agents who represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction do a disservice to buyers, and the practice of dual agency should be banned.

How to Sell in a Seller’s Market

More and more sellers are hoping for a windfall, listing now before the seller’s market runs out of steam. But it’s not always as simple as waiting for a horde of buyers to arrive with all the money they can muster.

How to Win a Bidding War

A recent column about would-be homebuyers giving up because they keep losing bidding wars brought a flurry of responses: Readers want to know how they can become winners in this arena.