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Lew Sichelman

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Back to the Housing Future

We are all dreamers. But just how well do we predict what’s going to happen five, 10 or 20 years down the road? We rarely look back to find out.

Let’s Stop the Demolition Derby

What if builders stripped out the good stuff – cabinetry, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, hardwood floors – before bulldozing old dwellings? Then those materials could be used in remodeling jobs, incorporated into new construction, or sold. 

Low Rates Stymie Some Sellers

The lowest mortgage rates in 11 years have brought wannabe homebuyers off the bench and onto the playing field in droves. But low-cost mortgages don’t always help the market.

Online Reviews Aren’t Always Trustworthy

Many people rely on online reviews to decide what to buy. Indeed, research from Nielsen Global Media shows that opinions posted online are second only to personal recommendations in influencing purchase decisions.

Odd Lots: Dodge a Catch 22 After Natural Disasters

Homeowners who lose their homes to wildfire, flood, tornado or another national disaster often lose the records needed to prove their losses – for tax purposes, obtaining federal assistance or reimbursement from their insurance companies. 

Not Ready to Commit? Don’t!

Potential buyers and their real estate agents often engage in a complicated courtship dance. A top-flight real estate coach offers ways the best agents overcome prospective clients’ common objections.

Odd Lots: Refis, DTIs and More

Nothing is more devastating to a homebuyer than to search for months and finally find the place they want, only to be rejected by their lender. But it happens. According to LendingTree, 1 in 10 would-be borrowers are turned down.

Accessory Units Gain Traction Nationwide

Today, proponents of accessory units believe they will help ease housing shortages by expanding the options for people of all ages. Now, many communities throughout the country have been relaxing their restrictions against ADUs, or outright encouraging them.