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Lew Sichelman

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Accessory Units Gain Traction Nationwide

Today, proponents of accessory units believe they will help ease housing shortages by expanding the options for people of all ages. Now, many communities throughout the country have been relaxing their restrictions against ADUs, or outright encouraging them.

Who Wants to Live Where Someone Died?

Trulia also discovered that if a house was haunted, buyers would rather it be possessed by a vengeful ghost than a demon. And, apparently, they’d be willing to live with the antics of the poltergeist: Less than half would be willing to pay for an exorcism.

Words Matter in Home Listings

Some real estate professionals say there are some words neither their colleagues nor their clients should use in their listings. These phrases and terms are so overused that they have become meaningless.

When Is a Fixer-Upper Worth the Pain?

People buy fixers for all sorts of reasons. Money, of course, is the main factor. But many simply like the house or the neighborhood, and a healthy minority figured they’d enjoy working on the place.

How Banks Can Help Protect Seniors’ Homes

Elder financial abuse is “widespread and damaging,” with the average victim losing $41,000, and almost one in 10 losing more than $100,000. Sadly, the culprits are most often family members, but banks have ways to protect their older clients.

Robotics, 3D Printing Far from Mainstream in Homebuilding

Nowadays, only a handful of residences are built entirely in a factory. Many more are built with factory-built components, such as floor and roof trusses, that are delivered to the building site. But no GM or Ford Motor Co. has emerged to take the industry by storm.

There is a Magic Day to List a House

Houses listed for sale on a Thursday tend to sell more quickly, and at higher prices, than those listed on any other day of the week, research shows. But what’s the best time of day to show a house?

The Slowly Shrinking House

The townhouse sector is growing faster than any other. Builders started work on some 120,000 townhouses last year: a 15 percent jump in production over 2017. But some builders are going smaller yet.

As-Is Often Means As-Won’t Sell

Homeowners who sell their houses “as-is” may end up costing themselves more than they would have spent to make the necessary repairs – if they are able to sell their homes at all.

HUD DACA Policy Change Adds to Housing Woes

The Trump administration has decided the country’s 800,000 “Dreamers” – undocumented immigrants brought here as children but who have grown up here – are no longer eligible for federally insured mortgages, causing consternation and confusion among mortgage lenders.