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Lew Sichelman

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Is Cold-Calling to Find a Willing Seller an Option?

The latest evidence indicates the market is tightening again – not loosening, as had been expected. At this writing, the number of new listings has declined for the seventh straight week. So, it’s time for serious buyers to start knocking on doors.

Some Closings Hit a Wall with AWOL Buyers

The closing is the last step in the long, sometimes difficult, almost always anxious journey in buying and selling a house. And it can be just as ripe for pitfalls as any other part of the process.

State Regulators Shortchange Consumers

Many state regulators of real estate agents are supposed to look out for buyers and sellers. But not one such institution has the authority to provide restitution to consumers who are found to have been treated unfairly or unlawfully.

Haunted House? Most Buyers Say ‘No Worries’

There are “haunted houses” – you know, the ones that pop up this time of year where you pay to have the bejesus frightened out of you. And then there are “real” haunted houses – the ones where ghastly spooks supposedly live on, long after they should have transferred into the afterlife.

Secure Winter Curb Appeal, From the Top Down

The number of houses for sale is beginning to increase, bidding wars are not as prevalent, and the housing sector is moving into what are normally the slower fall and winter months. So, sellers need to be doing more to attract the attention of would-be buyers.

Offensive Deed Language Targeted

A little-known but highly effective legal group is working on drafting model legislation that would help property owners remove discriminatory, restrictive covenants from their deeds.

Most Listings Lack Key Elements

Sellers whose listings do not include virtual tours, professional photographs and floor plans are being cheated by their real estate agents. Without the proper visuals, homes will likely take longer to sell and fetch a lower price. 

Private Flood Policies Bear Scrutiny

Because of climate change, Spencer Glendon – a senior fellow at the Woodwell Climate Research Center, one of the world’s most respected climate think tanks – said recently that it may not be long before every homeowner in the country will need flood insurance.

New Ways of Homebuilding, Selling Find Openings

Sure, stick building is still the norm. And most builders are still using model homes to show off their wares in the best light possible. But slowly and surely, they are changing the way they do business – some say for the better.