Rick Dimino

Rick Dimino

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Rick Dimino is the president and CEO of A Better City.
Rick Dimino can be reached at editorial@thewarrengroup.com

Getting Smart On the Future of Transportation

The future of the transportation system in Massachusetts is a growing concern to commuters, businesses and residents throughout the state. There is heavy congestion and increased commuting times on our roads, while the mass transit system continues to be unreliable and inadequate.

Stepping Forward in the Seaport

Metropolitan Boston continues to experience increased jobs, population growth and relocation of companies into the urban core. The strongest economic activity is taking place in the South Boston Waterfront area, living up to the predictions and expectations set years ago.

Rick Dimino

Economy Needs a Consistent Approach to Climate Adaptation

Whether it’s a powerful nor’easter, a hurricane, a bomb cyclone, or just plain bad weather on steroids, climate change is hitting home and it’s only going to get worse. The future of the commonwealth will be defined by how well we prepare now to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Rick Dimino

MBTA the Backbone of Greater Boston’s Economy

The MBTA is an underappreciated asset in metropolitan Boston. Certainly on some days – especially in the winter – it can be challenging to argue this point, but on the whole, the MBTA generates enormous benefits to both residents and businesses in this region.

Rick Dimino

The Clear Path For Successful Development In Allston

The reconstruction of the Massachusetts Turnpike interchange in Allston has the potential to be one of the most dynamic, transformational opportunities we have had in decades for Allston and Cambridge, for Boston and Harvard universities, and for Greater Boston as a whole – but success turns on

Rick Dimino

Reimagining The Commuter Rail

A few years ago, the MBTA hoped the costs and service of the commuter rail would be improved through a competitive bid for the entire commuter rail contract. As most riders know, this did not come to pass.

Rick Dimino

A Partnership That Enhances Boston’s Greenway

Almost 30 years ago, the original planners and government officials who dreamed of a Greenway in Boston wanted to be ambitious: they described the Greenway as an “extraordinary opportunity … to alter the look and feel of the city of Boston. This kind of opportunity will never come again.”

Rick Dimino

It’s Time To Talk About Tolls

If taxes are the price we must pay for a civilized society, transportation user fees, such as roadway tolls, transit fares and the gasoline taxes, are the price we pay for a civilized transportation system.