Rick Dimino

Rick Dimino

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Rick Dimino is the president and CEO of A Better City.
Rick Dimino can be reached at editorial@thewarrengroup.com
Rick Dimino

It’s Time To Make The South Station Expansion A Reality

The Greater Boston region will experience a significant increase in population and labor force before 2030, which is a positive sign for our economy and way of life. To prepare for additional commuters, we must improve capacity at the transportation hubs that serve as key access points to Boston and the urban core.

Rick Dimino

MBTA’s Control Board Has Done Good Work, But There’s A Long Way Still To Go

August 2016 represents the beginning of the second year for the MBTA’s Fiscal Managements and Control Board. Gov. Charlie Baker and the Legislature created this five-person panel to fix the budget, operations and management practices of our much-maligned transit agency. The Control Board is expected to address both the daily problems – like balancing...

We Must Do More To Combat Climate Change

The Climate Ready Boston initiative – an effort started by Mayor Martin Walsh last October – recently released its climate projections. These represent a consensus on the future of the region according to leading scientists, universities and previously published work. This report forecasts

Rick Dimino

Thoughtful Strategy Needed To Support Boston Area’s Growth

This year, over $7 billion in new construction is underway in Boston alone, with billions more in the Greater Boston region expected in the next few years. From transit-orientated development along the Red and Green line corridors to new buildings in the Seaport District, Greater Boston is seeing

Rick Dimino

Next Steps For South Boston Waterfront Transportation

When the South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan was completed in early 2015, we recognized the need to begin work on immediate actions identified in the plan and to establish an Implementation Group to guide work on these actions. The group includes the agencies that were responsible for directing the transportation plan: MassDOT, the...
Rick Dimino

Placemaking In Boston Enhances Community Spirit

A Better City is working on Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s initiative Go Boston 2030, the city’s first transportation master planning effort in 30 years. In exploring this large-scale vision, we realized a need to think about transportation as more than just a street, bridge or trolley. Transportation and infrastructure developments create the areas for people...
Rick Dimino

Planning For The Future

We are planning for the future in the city of Boston, and not just with development projects along the Greenway or in the Seaport District. An initiative of Boston Mayor Martin Walsh in 2014, called Go Boston 2030, is a comprehensive master plan that will guide the Boston Transportation Department’s long-term vision. Leaders from...
Rick Dimino

A Call To Action For The Business Community

Climate resilience and preparedness emerged as a policy priority for the city of Boston after observing the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. While Boston avoided significant damage from Sandy, the city and New England are expected to see increased precipitation, rising temperatures and flooding events as a result...
Rick Dimino

Value Capture Not Enough To Offset MBTA’s Shortfalls

Massachusetts legislators are looking at a new ways to bring additional funding to the MBTA and transportation infrastructure projects. The lack of traditional budgetary support is motivation for the current focus on “value-capture” financing for some mass transit projects. This is a good thing, but complicated. Recently, the MBTA Fiscal Management & Control Board...
Rick Dimino

Fares Increases: Necessary But Not Sufficient

A functioning, safe and reliable public transit system is crucial to our economy, quality of life and environment. A Better City – a 130-member organization of businesses and institutions in the metropolitan area – supports planned, incremental fare increases as one component of providing adequate funding for public transit in the commonwealth. It is obvious...

Development Boom Exacerbates Boston’s Parking Problems

Boston is at an exciting crossroads. The city is experiencing a development boom and economic centers like the South Boston Waterfront and Longwood are continuing to grow significantly. These two areas alone are expected to generate at least 25 million square feet in new development by 2035. This growth will bring new jobs and...
Rick Dimino

Despite Cost Overruns, Green Line Extension Must Proceed

The news regarding the Green Line Extension’s cost overruns, of up to $1 billion, is deeply troubling. A full investigation should be launched into what transpired to get us to this place, including the hiring of a third party. A Better City also supports fully exploring the options that have been put on the...
Rick Dimino

Preparing The T For Next Winter And Beyond

The MBTA’s new Fiscal and Management Control Board is off to a promising start. Gov. Charlie Baker has appointed five capable and knowledgeable individuals to the board and all signs indicate that they are approaching the task of righting the T with creativity and dedication. As the board begins to roll up its sleeves...

Legislature Begins Debate On Baker’s T Reform Proposals

In recent weeks, the legislature has begun to debate and act on pieces of Gov. Charlie Baker’s reform proposals for the MBTA. Given the importance of the T to the Massachusetts economy and the transit system’s performance this winter, the moment is ripe for both radical reforms and substantial investment to bring our transportation...