Susan Gittelman

Susan Gittelman

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Susan Gittelman is executive director of B’nai B’rith Housing, a nonprofit, nonsectarian developer and operator of affordable and mixed-income housing serving families and elders in communities of Greater Boston.
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Millennials Want Homeownership

Homeownership is more common in the United States than in most other developed countries. Not only does owning a home provide shelter and stability but also it has become a way to save and build wealth.

Modular Construction Gains Ground

A little over 100 years ago, Model T cars began rolling off assembly lines, and, though he didn’t invent the process, Henry Ford is often credited with mass production that made cars more affordable – to address a need.

Opinion: Susan Gittelman

Back To The Future

We all look forward to the fall. Except when everything’s back in full swing and you are trying to get anywhere. Traffic is on everybody’s mind, and system solutions are needed to serve our region’s growth plan.

Opinion: Susan Gittelman

Our Homes, Our Voices

For one week last month, while many Americans were on vacation, thousands of people across the country mobilized around a cause that most people seldom think about but that affects millions of people – having a safe and affordable place to call home.

Opinion: Susan Gittelman

Supply And Demand: Is It Working?

For many years, even as the supply of homes has increased gradually in Eastern Massachusetts, the continuing demand was so great that housing prices and rents seemed to unrelentingly increase. They dipped in the Great Recession but have continued to march upward.

Opinion: Susan Gittelman

Housing Innovation In The Making: Seeding Density In Boston

Boston is plagued by high housing costs that threaten our prosperity. City leaders are taking a multifaceted approach to address its persistent lack of affordability. There is a well demonstrated need for new housing in Boston at all income levels in order for our economy to continue to grow. Toward this end, the administration...
Opinion: Susan Gittelman

CPA For Housing: Making The Case In Boston Begins In Cambridge

Yea or nay – in the fall Boston voters will choose a simple answer to a complicated question. Is the prospect of generating an additional estimated $20 million a year for the city worth shouldering a small increase in property taxes? A substantial share of these funds could be applied to build more affordable...
Opinion: Susan Gittelman

MassWorks Assistance Can Help Boost Housing Supply

Housing is in short supply in the Greater Boston area, and what is built can be prohibitively expensive. The recently released annual housing study from Northeastern University’s Center for Urban and Regional Policy, “The Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2015: The Housing Cost Conundrum,” notes that in the Greater Boston area, a small family-sized,...
Opinion: Susan Gittelman

The HOME Program: Something We Can’t Afford To Lose

We’re getting accustomed to gridlock in Washington, and it’s unsettling. Stalled budget agreements and sequestration are consequences of the ongoing stalemate between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Because of the continued disagreement over the size and role of government, we’ve fallen into this pattern. And because disagreement on budget priorities has not resulted in...

Not Just Carrots And Sticks: Empowering Local Government On Housing

When it comes to effecting the changes needed to increase housing production, we just can’t seem to get it together, even though almost everyone agrees that a sufficient supply of housing is a vital element in a future in which Massachusetts is economically competitive. “Massachusetts is known as one of the most forward-thinking and...

Investing In The Future Of Public Housing

High quality public housing is a resource we cannot afford to lose, but because resources are very limited, every day and across the country hundreds of units are lost as they fall into disrepair. An innovation by the federal government piloted in the last few years has the potential to change this. In 2012,...