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Sales Tax Holiday and Non-Compete Reforms Signed as Part of Jobs Bill

Gov. Charlie Baker signed most of a $1.15 billion economic development package last Friday afternoon, approving restrictions on the use of non-compete agreements and greenlighting a sales tax holiday for this weekend, but vetoing protections against bad-faith assertions of patent infringement.  The product of a late-session compromise between the House and Senate, the bond...

Baker Signs $41.7B Buget, Vetoes $49M

Gov. Charlie Baker signed a $41.7 billion budget on Thursday that the Republican touted as a “fiscally responsible” spending plan that both increased a tax credit for low-income families and invested $160 million into public education, but also held the line on taxes and will prepare the state for the next economic downtown.

Budget Heads to Baker

The $41.88 billion budget deal that was filed Wednesday morning and quickly approved by the Legislature includes no new fees, according to the lead House negotiator, and relies on an unusual eleventh-hour revenue projection upgrade to boost spending to levels higher than either the House or Senate approved this spring.