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Scott Van Voorhis

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Scott Van Voorhis is a freelance journalist and columnist with a focus on residential and commercial real estate.
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Boston Subway

Would-Be Governors Go After Baker

We supposedly live in one of the bluest states in the country – even our Republican governors could easily qualify as moderate Democrats in less enlightened regions. So how is it that our state, long dominated by a self-avowed party of progress, finds itself increasingly paralyzed with traffic gridlock and seemingly stuck with a ramshackle public transportation system?


‘A Graceless Form’

Developers behind the proposed Winthrop Square skyscraper thought they had their hands full when parks activists started hollering about the shadows it would cast a quarter mile away on Boston Common. But that was before they met their would-be Financial District neighbors.

Idyllic neighborhood street, aerial view

Great Neighborhoods Bill Takes a Beating

You have to hand it to them: Supporters of the “Great Neighborhoods” campaign on Beacon Hill certainly picked a snazzy name for their proposal to reform the messed-up Massachusetts housing market. But the recipe for residential bliss by the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance was recently stripped of a key ingredient: rental housing.

Financial crisis concept

Trulia Takedown

Did you hear the news? There’s no housing crisis after all! In fact, we have never had it so good, with homes more affordable than they have been in 40 years, not just in Peoria and Pittsburgh, but in Boston, San Francisco and New York!

Packing Peanuts

Learn a Lesson from San Francisco

Are you pumped that Amazon might pick Boston or even Somerville for its new global headquarters? Be careful what you wish for. Mayors and newspaper columnists, lawmakers and business executives alike are stoked over the possibility that Jeff Bezos might pick Boston for his company’s new digs and bring with him 50,000 jobs. But apparently the folks who run this town would rather tiptoe around the elephant in the living room than spoil this delightful fantasy of Boston as Silicon Valley East.

Fair Housing threatened

Trump Administration Kills Fair Housing Initiative

NIMBY suburbanites, rejoice: President Donald Trump has your back. The Trump administration just took a big step toward gutting a noble Obama-era initiative, one that required cities and towns across the country to submit plans for tackling racial segregation and inequality in housing.

Finish Line

A Record Year in Real Estate

We all know nothing lasts forever, and that includes real estate bull markets, which have a tendency to crash just as everyone starts believing home prices won’t ever go down again.