William F. Lyons Jr.

William F. Lyons Jr.

William F. Lyons Jr. can be reached at editorial@thewarrengroup.com

Mobility Policy Needs to Move in the Right Direction

The time has come for the city of Boston to incorporate ridesharing into all of its mobility planning. This is most critical when it comes to allocating precious curb space to the many competing demands for this valuable urban terrain. The changing needs of our mobility system must drive changes in our parking policies.

The Future Of Mobility And Big Data

We often think of mobility as the transportation of people and goods within and between communities. This is the essential function of our transportation systems. Our transportation system is, and always will be, the lifeblood of our economy – no matter what form our future mobility takes.

Amtrak Is Better Than Flying

For all of the many issues that hamper Amtrak’s financial success, the experience of taking the Acela to New York or Philadelphia is truly exceptional. The service they provide is outstanding, and for short trips in the northeast corridor, the difference in travel time as compared to taking a flight is minimal. Unfortunately, our...