Should Housing Advocates Look to the Suburbs?

Should Housing Advocates Look to the Suburbs?

Here’s a startling statistic that should be a cause for celebration among anyone rooting for more housing and lower prices.  As a percentage of its overall housing stock, Boston is now building more housing than Houston, long touted for its wide-open land use...
Remodeling Succumbs to the Virus

Remodeling Succumbs to the Virus

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, the pandemic all but shut down remodeling. But with inventory low due to the pandemic, could stuck homeowners start eyeing projects?

What’s in Store When the All-Clear Sounds?

It may be too early to forecast exactly what lies ahead for the housing market once COVID-19 passes into the history books. But at this point, the sector seems poised to retake its place in leading the economy back from the coronavirus-inspired recession.

Smart Buyers Go for Funding Now

Whether you want to buy now, while the pandemic rages on, or wait until the all-clear is finally sounded by medical professionals, it’s smart to line up your financing as soon as possible.

Most Lenders Have Tightened Mortgage Rules

Just as quickly as the COVID-19 pandemic bolted across the country, that’s how fast the financing situation has changed for homebuyers. And whether the mortgage market will return to “normal” once the scourge subsides is anybody’s guess.

Healthy Homes Take Center Stage

For all the personal and financial damage the coronavirus pandemic has caused, it has also given new impetus to what had been a slow-moving trend toward healthier homes. And it’s easy to see why.

Closings Go High and Low

Title companies are pulling out all the stops to get deals closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. But they say the best way to close – not just during the outbreak, but moving forward – is electronically.