When the marketing department at Sharon Credit Union asks employees for testimonials on Edward Petras, it becomes flooded with glowing reviews of the commercial banking officer.

“He really has one of the best personalities ever,” said Marianne Broadhurst, senior marketing officer at Sharon Credit Union. “He’s a lot of fun to be around, and he’s a very caring Edward Petrasindividual. If he hears about something going on in your life, he’ll always follow up to see how you’re doing.”

Petras began his career in banking as a part-time teller at Abington Savings Bank while he was attending college at Bridgewater State University. After graduating with a degree in sociology, Petras joined the bank full time and worked his way up to branch manager. He later worked at Sovereign Bank, following its acquisition of Abington Savings Bank, and Rockland Trust before joining Sharon Credit Union in 2012.

“It wasn’t a matter of wanting to leave the bank for a credit union. I was a business banking officer at Rockland, and the focus was on deposits and not loans. So, when the credit union was looking of commercial real estate lender, it seemed like a good next step for me,” he said, adding that he loves being part of the credit union world.

“Being a small, local credit union is awesome,” Petras said. “We recently took on a larger member from a bigger bank in Sharon. We were up against two or three big banks, and [the member’s reason] for picking us was we’re the credit union in his backyard; we’ve been there for 50 years. That’s really cool.”

When he’s not helping members at the credit union, Petras can be found volunteering in community. He’s been involved with the YMCA for seven years and currently sits on the board of directors at the Hockomock YMCA. One of his biggest projects with the Y is its annual Reach Out for Youth and Families Campaign. Last year, the campaign raised $67,000, which helped the YMCA grant $282,000 in scholarships to local families. This year, the YMCA hopes to double that amount and provide even more support to families.

“Every dollar we raise goes back into community, and that’s the biggest reason why I like being involved with the Y,” Petras said.

Petras is also involved with New Hope Inc., an Attleboro-based nonprofit that supports victims of domestic and sexual violence. Petras sits on the committee for the organization’s Gourmet Guys event, where volunteer chefs – including Petras – cook dinner and raise money to help victims find new, safe homes.

“In all of his community involvements, he doesn’t just sit back and only get involved with the fun things. He becomes a committee member. He sits on a board. He rolls up his sleeves and really helps the organization,” Broadhurst said. “I see that in his work with the credit union, too. He’s very humble. He never pats himself on the back. He likes to help people, and that transcends into every part of his life.”


Edward Petras

by Anna Sims time to read: 2 min