Hicham Naciri is not your average IT employee.

He’s held various roles ranging from Y2K and credit union consultant to human resources to his current role as chief technology officer at Tremont Credit Union.

But what stands out about Naciri is his positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond to solve a problem, said his Credit Union Hero Award nominator Roland Draper, CEO of Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union.

“I find him to be very optimistic,” he said. “Say that you’re faced with daunting deadlines and the scope and magnitude of a problem. He’s able to take it and put it into a timeline.” From there, he said, Naciri is able to break down the issue into actionable steps and solve it in an expedient fashion.

“Hicham’s efforts and accomplishments have directly and indirectly helped thousands of credit union members,” Draper said.

In his nomination, Draper recounted the definition of a hero: a person or who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage, bravery or self-sacrifice.

“Hicham has embraced this definition to a T,” he wrote. “He has helped credit unions such as my own to be current, and not just to survive, but to thrive. He’s highly ethical and will always do the right thing.”

Naciri attributes his success in technology to people. His strategy to approaching a problem is to get to know the people he’s working for so he can understand their needs.

“I really try to immerse and understand the goals of the credit union,” he said. “Technology is just an enabler – not the end-all, be-all. Without the people factor, the best technology would be useless.”

“I understand that all of my achievements mean nothing without my colleagues – they work really hard. My optimism is just a catalyst for allowing us to come up with an amazing team effort,” he said.

Naciri has works closely with board members, breaking down information and removing the technical jargon to help them make informed decisions. One of his favorite projects consisted of performing upgrades and system enhancements at his current credit union. He was able to help transform their technology to better service their clients.

Also a trained mediator, Naciri translates his human resource skills into his work.

He considers solving difficult problems that baffle others “a privilege.” He learns by taking a step back and listening first, he said. Naciri often tries to guide the staff to find the right solution for themselves. Part of his optimism, he said, is about believing in his colleagues and putting in the effort.

Naciri also attributes part of his success to his nominator and mentor.

“He allowed me to operate at a higher level than I could have imagined. … He really gave me the strength to believe in myself. … Sometimes you’re just lucky to have people that make such an impact.”

Naciri hopes to give back the same encouragement and mentorship toward others.

According to Draper, he already has.

Hicham Naciri

by Malea Ritz time to read: 2 min