On Commissions, You’re Probably Your Own Worst Enemy

Only a small percentage of agents understand how to effectively persuade sellers to list at a full commission. Instead, agents are often so desperate to get the listing that they cave in the moment the seller asks them to reduce their fee. It’s time to stop and here’s how to do it.

Some Closings Hit a Wall with AWOL Buyers

The closing is the last step in the long, sometimes difficult, almost always anxious journey in buying and selling a house. And it can be just as ripe for pitfalls as any other part of the process.

Boston’s New Mayor Faces Crucial Choice

Boston’s New Mayor Faces Crucial Choice

Wu has pledged to rezone the entire city, with new rules of the road for developers, set by people who live in the Boston’s many neighborhoods. But there are two very different versions of how that could turn out.

We Spent $400M for Secret Housing

The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development has denied MassLandlords’ request to see where rental assistance was spent, or where applications were denied. The result is that $400 million of our public funds were spent in secret, with no public oversight. Landlords should be outraged. 

State Regulators Shortchange Consumers

Many state regulators of real estate agents are supposed to look out for buyers and sellers. But not one such institution has the authority to provide restitution to consumers who are found to have been treated unfairly or unlawfully.

Now the Hard Work Begins

Mayor-elect Michelle Wu should consider making several of her rival’s important policy proposals her own as she embarks on what will doubtless be a lengthy citywide rezoning process that should allow for more as-of-right growth.  

Has Mass. Lost Its Casino Bet?

Has Mass. Lost Its Casino Bet?

The two large resort-style casinos won approval from state regulators in no small part due to their perceived potential to be engines of economic development. A new study throws doubt on that hope.

The T’s New Board Should Embrace FMCB’s Vision

A new board of directors is now in place at the MBTA, and we will soon learn if this means a new direction for public transit in this region. They should focus on implementing the FMCB’s ideas rather than any attempts to revisit the debates of the past few years.

Can’t Boost Home Ownership Without More Homes

Boosting first-generation and first-time homebuyers has become popular among banks and politicians looking to boost their communities. But without commensurate effort to boost home building, these efforts will come to naught in the face of plenty of all-cash offers.

Haunted House? Most Buyers Say ‘No Worries’

There are “haunted houses” – you know, the ones that pop up this time of year where you pay to have the bejesus frightened out of you. And then there are “real” haunted houses – the ones where ghastly spooks supposedly live on, long after they should have transferred into the afterlife.

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