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Marilyn Sperling, CEO of Greylock Federal Credit Union, was looking for someone with experience in risk management when she hired Jodi Rathbun-Briggs, but she quickly found out Rathbun-Briggs is a whole lot more than that.

“She is very well-spoken, eloquent, bright, cheerful person,” Sperling said. “She’s very diplomatic, confident, intuitive, smart and her customer service skills are top notch. She’s hands-on, a great leader and very well-respected. I would like to have a dozen more just like her.”

Rathbun-Briggs had a 10-year career in banking when she left her last position at a publicly traded bank and surprised herself by accepting a position with a credit union. She said she quickly came to love the fact that the focus there isn’t only on the bottom line; it’s also on the people.

“I was pleasantly surprised with how we take our time to work with our members,” Rathbun-Briggs. “Credit unions can be more creative with their solutions both when things are going very well and when they’re going very badly. We’re providing affordable banking services for our family, neighbors and friends.”

Sperling praised Rathbun-Briggs for excelling in her business banking function during the recent recession.

“It is through Jodi’s outstanding leadership that our business banking program has enabled small businesses to grow and thrive in Berkshire County,” Sperling said in Rathbun-Briggs’ Credit Union Hero nomination. “Jodi excels in building deep and lasting relationships with her business owners. She accepted the responsibility for the business banking function during challenging economic times and has strengthened the area through her hands-on management and team building skills. In a market with many community banks and a large commercial bank, Jodi competes very effectively for the business and is quite successful at earning that business.”

“I love being a banker with a cause,” Rathbun-Briggs said. “I know that the results of my good work and decisions get turned around back into the community.”

Rathbun-Briggs is active with the Pittsfield Rotary, the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce and is president of Community Health Programs. She recently went to Washington, D.C., to represent Berkshire County and the local Chamber of Commerce as the spokesperson on the subjects of health care reform and banking regulatory reform.

She said two things she enjoys most about her job are learning about other businesses and that no two days are the same. But at the end of the day, for her, it’s about the people.

“I work with a wonderful group here. Every day we have a challenge to overcome,” Rathbun-Briggs said. “My team and my customers are the best. They make the difference in my day.”

Jodi Rathbun-Briggs

by Jim Morrison time to read: 2 min