Frequently Asked Questions

What falls under each category?

Massachusetts Real Estate Records
Who bought? Who sold? How much? Subscribers can examine our renowned Records Section, complete with year to date market statistics, median prices, real estate sales, foreclosure deeds, mortgage facts, and property details. These records are updated weekly. Use search functions to quickly find transactions you’re looking for. Best if viewed in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Massachusetts Credit Records
Who filed for bankruptcy? Who hasn’t paid their taxes? Which lenders are foreclosing? Banker & Tradesman’s Credit Records feature: bankruptcy filings; federal and state tax liens and attachments; petitions to foreclose; sheriff sales; and foreclosure auctions. Find distressed borrowers and motivated sellers. Get a heads-up on potential problem customers. Best if viewed in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Rhode Island Real Estate Records
Compliments of Banker & Tradesman – search and view market statistics, median prices, and real estate sales across the Ocean State. Best if viewed in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Town Stats
Generate statistical reports, charts and graphs for your market area. Use Town Stats to create and view statistics based on median sales price and number of sales for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, for the entire state, individual counties, or specific towns.

Recent Sales
Use our interactive application to find recent single-family and condo sales throughout Massachusetts. Map the search results, and see property details with the click of a button.

How do I view/download my county’s information?
Once on the Real Estate Records page, locate your county on the left. Use the + button to expand the county. Click on any town listed in the county to load your preferred county’s information to the page. On the right hand column you will see Download PDF’s. Select the 2nd option to view your county.

How do I view all of the counties information?
Once on the Real Estate Records page, you will see Download PDF’s on the right hand column. Select the 1st option to download all records.

How far back can I view records?
You can view records as far back as 2009. Use the search tool at the top of the page to select the month and year.

My question isn’t answered here.
Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-356-8805 x116 or send your question via email to