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Quincy Looking to Tax Airbnbs

Quincy Looking to Tax Airbnbs

Taking advantage of a new bill passed by the state legislature and signed by Gov. Charlie Baker late last month, the city of Quincy is looking to tax Airbnb listings in the city.

Baker Amendment Imperils Short-Term Rental Bill Accord

Gov. Charlie Baker returned the Legislature’s bill to tax and regulate short-term rentals on Wednesday, waiting until the day after the House and Senate adjourned formal sessions for the year to propose an amendment that would exempt homeowners that rent out their units for fewer than 14 days a year.

Baker Mulling Tax Exemption Amendment to Airbnb Bill

Gov. Charlie Baker is considering returning the bill sent to him Monday by the Legislature taxing and regulating short-term housing rentals with an amendment to exempt from taxation owners that rent out their homes or apartments for less than two weeks a year, according sources familiar with ongoing talks.

Accord Applies New Tax Structure on Short-Term Rentals

Short-term housing units rented through websites like Airbnb could be taxed at almost 17.5 percent in cities like Boston and Massachusetts would become the first state in the country to maintain a central registry under compromise legislation agreed to Sunday night by House and Senate negotiators.

Cambridge Moves To Restrict Short-Term Rentals

In the absence of a state strategy to regulate short-term housing rentals, the Cambridge City Council voted Monday night to require hosts to live in the same or an adjacent building as part of a new set of rules designed to protect the city’s scarce affordable housing market.

How To Compete Against Airbnb

How To Compete Against Airbnb

Airbnb and online hospitality services have changed the game for the hospitality industry, there’s no denying that fact. However, with new competition comes new strategy for the hotels themselves.