Real estate and mortgage data tracking company The Warren Group, publisher of Banker & Tradesman, has finalized an initiative to expand the scope of its offerings significantly. The Warren Group is now offering mortgage data nationally, which will give lending professionals an expanded understanding of where they stand and how they are performing in the national mortgage market.

The two primary data analytics tools that are the first to benefit from national data are The Warren Group’s Mortgage MarketShare Module and Loan Originator Module. More than 15 million new mortgage transactions (2017 through the current date) have been added to the modules. Organizations across the country will now have the power to research and identify mortgage lending activity utilizing an interactive web query based program.

Key benefits of the modules include:

  • Complete accounting of lending activity by loan originator and territory
  • Measure an institution’s lending activity against others and the industry as a whole
  • Recruit high performing loan originators
  • Monitor competitors
  • Find territory expansion opportunities
  • Deliver ranking reports to shareholders and directors
  • Create powerful presentations and marketing collateral

“Data is the future of informed business decision making, and we’re very excited to expand our scope on a national scale,” David Lovins, president of The Warren Group, said in a statement. “By pairing our established technology with a wider breadth of data, we look forward to generating additional relationships with organizations across the country.”

The Warren Group has a 147-year history of empowering and informing real estate, financial, and banking institutions. The addition of national data is an exciting new step in the evolution of the company. The roll out of national mortgage data is the first stage of a larger initiative; the company expects to roll out additional new national data products.

“Having national real estate data is a giant step forward for us, and a way to make our products and services available to customers across the country,” Tim Warren, CEO of The Warren Group, said in a statement. “For 147 years, we have been a major player, serving the real estate and mortgage industries, but on a regional basis with our focus on New England. As lenders have grown, many now offer their mortgage products throughout the country, and we need to keep pace. My great-grandfather was an entrepreneur when he first started collecting public records by hand. His plan was grand and innovative, but his territory was limited in an era 30 years before the first automobile. I think he would be proud that we have found a way to truly be a national company.”

Click here for a demo of the Mortgage MarketShare Module or Loan Originator Module.

For additional information on The Warren Group’s expanded geographies into other products, click here to contact a Data Specialist.

The Warren Group Expands Reach with Addition of National Data

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