Laura Alix

Laura Alix

Banker & Tradesman Staff

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Saving money

Boston Launches Child Savings Accounts

Bankers and policymakers concerned about college attendance, financial literacy and reaching the unbanked are turning their sights to child savings accounts as a tool to give low-income kids a better shot at college.

Anne Marie Cerami

Getting Down To Business

Like so many others in banking, Anne Cerami says she got into her field mostly by accident, when a recruiter suggested a commercial real estate gig at Shawmut Bank 25 years ago. Since then she’s held a variety of roles, including credit analyst, commercial lender and SBA manager. Now with TD Bank

Business man relax in a park lotus position

As Boomers Age, A Focus On Wellness

Faced with the stark reality that an aging workforce costs more, financial institutions and other employers are striving to reconcile their balance sheets with their employees’ wellbeing. It’s another facet of shifting demographic trends: Baby Boomers are rapidly approaching retirement age

Bruce A. Howell

All About Accessibility

Bruce Howell knew from a young age that he would eventually go blind. At 11, he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease for which there is no cure. He retained most of his vision through high school and college and enjoyed a 15-year career in retail banking.