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Aug. 01 Issue

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Quincy Takes A Second Look At Downtown Project

After an ambitious downtown redevelopment scheme fell apart in late winter, Quincy is ready to...

BRA Audit Exposes Millions In Missing Revenue

Frankly, it’s flat-out amazing anything ever gets built in Boston, given the apparent utter...

New Hot Neighborhoods Showcase Their Strengths

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Bay State housing market – or at least its prices...

Waterfront Towers’ Design Divides Neighborhood

Before revealing the newest design for his skyscraper complex on the Boston waterfront,...

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Total Absorption

Where Innovation Goes, Food Trucks Follow

Food trucks have arrived at the Innovation and Design Building in the Boston Marine Industrial Park as owner Jamestown upgrades amenities for the 1.4 million-square-foot complex’s tenants.

Weighted Assets

Echoes of HarborOne? Not so fast…

If you have anything to do with banking in Massachusetts, maybe you thought of the bank formerly known as HarborOne Credit Union when you caught this little tidbit this morning, courtesy of Credit Union Times...

Housing Scene

Robosigning Woes Alive and Well In the Bay State?

A new case from the Appeals Court suggests some old ghosts have not yet been exorcised....

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Current News

Massachusetts Single-Family Home Sales Post Modest Increase In June

Massachusetts single-family home sales increased in June, marking the first time sales have posted a year-over-year increase since January 2014, according to the latest report by The Warren Group, publisher of Banker & Tradesman.

Community Good Works

Florence Savings Bank, MutualOne Bank, North Brookfield Savings Bank and more share the spotlight in this week’s roundup of banks, brokerages and others giving back to their communities.

MassDevelopment Bond Helps Renovate, Preserve Affordable Apartment Building In Salem

MassDevelopment has issued a $9.8 million bond on behalf of Salem Point II Limited Partnership to acquire, renovate and preserve the Salem Point Apartments in Salem.

Elkus Manfredi Architects Moving To 25 Drydock Ave.

By Steve Adams

Boston-based Elkus Manfredi Architects will move to the Innovation and Design Building at the end of August, becoming the latest high-profile tenant to populate the former military warehouses in the Boston Marine Industrial Park.

Vantage Builders Completes $400K Renovation At Waltham Office Building

Waltham-based Vantage Builders Inc. has completed a $400,000 renovation project for Rockwood Capital LLC and Griffith Properties LLC in Waltham.

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Credit Union Heroes

On Sept. 18, Banker & Tradesman will honor its 2014 Credit Union Heroes. Submit your nominations now!

Bay State Single-Family Home Sales Post Modest Increase In June

Tune in as Timothy M. Warren Jr., CEO of The Warren Group, discusses the June real estate activity in the Bay State.

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New Against Old
Do you like the designs for the proposed Harbor Towers condo complex?

  • No. It’s too tall, and too modern. It doesn’t belong on the harbor.
  • I like it! Mixing the new with the old is what Boston’s all about!
  • I’m not going to live there no matter what it looks like, so it’s not important to me.

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