Amy Slotnick got into the mortgage industry straight out of college. She started at MGIC in the early 1980s and soon moved into underwriting at Northeastern Mortgage. Later she became assistant vice president of underwriting.

Eventually, she moved over to the sales side, started her own firm with some colleagues, and landed at Fairway Independent Mortgage in 2007.

“I manage three branches with a total of around 50 people and work as a loan originator,” Slotnick said. “It sort of hits everything I like. I get to produce loans and work with clients. I like to take people from the nervous, frightening part through to the exciting part: keys to the house. I also get to use my problem-solving skills as a manager.”

Slotnick works on the theory that every problem has a solution and there is no such thing as “no resolution” – though there are resolutions that can be disappointing.

“Amy governs by the idea that with strong leadership and knowledge any problem can be solved, and every client can feel comfortable throughout what can be a very stressful time,” said Betsy Boggia, who has worked with Slotnick at Fairway since 2012 and nominated her for a Women of FIRE award.

Slotnick was also the very first recipient of Fairway’s Daryll Jacobson Courage in Business award in 2014 for passing up an opportunity to leave the company and instead staying on and becoming a branch manager.

“Amy Slotnick changed my life,” said Kathleen Caddell, one of Slotnick’s employees and mentees. “She helped me grow as a loan originator, increasing my production value exponentially. She inspires me daily with her leadership, strength, intelligence and her uncanny ability to manage so many responsibilities with passion and grace. She is an amazing inspirational woman, coach, mentor and leader whom I am honored to call my friend.”

Slotnick has been recognized as part of Fairway’s Chairman’s Club, closing $40 million or more in a single year, and has been Fairway’s number one loan originator based on dollar amount six years in a row. She also leads the number one branch in the company based on dollar amount in 2015.

“I love the people part, both the employees and customers,” Slotnick said. “We’re all working toward the same goals of getting loans approved and closed. I still love guideline stuff. I’m a guideline nerd.”

Slotnick lives in Brookline with her husband and mother-in-law and loves to read novels and spend time with friends and family, especially on the beach in Nantasket. She also calls herself an “exercise freak” and takes every chance she gets to visit her daughter in Washington, D.C.

Amy Slotnick

by Jim Morrison time to read: 2 min