Cassidy Murphy

Cassidy Murphy

Banker & Tradesman Staff

Cassidy Murphy is associate publisher and media relations director of The Warren Group, publisher of Banker & Tradesman.
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Tim Smith

It’s apropos that Tim Smith is a key part of Workers Credit Union; the man does not abide sitting around. He’s a senior vice president, CFO and treasurer, yet he still commits to volunteering what little personal time he has to organizations large and small.

Sheryl Simon

After 16 years in the corporate world, Sheryl Simon was ready for a change – and she saw an opportunity to make a mark in the world of Massachusetts’ luxury real estate market.

Martine Taylor

Like her fellow honorees, it’s astounding that Martine Taylor finds time to sleep. Currently she is the executive director of South Shore Habitat for Humanity and also serves on the board of Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly, Boston; volunteers with her church (First Baptist Church, Needham); is chair of the Religious and Cultural Committee of the Ocean Park Association and is co-chair of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.

Michael Roy

It’s no surprise that Michael Roy became a CRA officer, as the position brings together two of his greatest passions – community banking and community service. Volunteering is “my obligation as a community member,” he said. “The ability to help out others is an important part of being in a community. It helps us all be stronger when everyone has opportunities.”

Massive Development Proposals Never A Slam Dunk

Since the Great Recession, the major developments occurring in Greater Boston are impressive, changing existing neighborhoods and creating new ones. Developers need to hit it right to avoid serious losses, dealing with an array of complex matters, including concept, costs, projected revenue stream, competition, timing of opening and vetting the projects with community groups...

Free Rent For A Good Cause

As we’re all aware – and as the Estately graphic that went around yesterday makes abundantly clear – rent in and around Boston is rapidly rising out of the reach of most would-be city-dwellers

MassDEP Should Run The NPDES Program

Massachusetts has long been recognized as a leader among states in establishing environmental standards and implementing highly successful environmental regulatory programs. Consider, for example, Massachusetts’ privatized waste site clean-up program. It embodied new ideas and regulatory innovations that increased the rate of cleanups. But when it comes to wastewater discharge, Massachusetts has no such...

The Story Behind The Numbers

For the first time, The Warren Group has partnered with GeoHome to analyze the firm’s real estate data to determine where Chinese investors are buying in Massachusetts – and what they’re buying when they do. More and more Chinese want to buy houses to invest, a trend similar to Japanese buyers in the 1980s....

Small Business Investment Companies, Big Leverage

When the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in 2010, it placed severe restrictions on a variety of business practices across the banking industry. The law’s so-called “Volcker Rule” reserved its strictest limitations for the business of trading in securities. A bank’s ability to deal in securities has always been limited under the Glass-Steagall Act (the...

Calling All Millennials: ULI Studies Next Gen Housing Needs

The Boston chapter of the Urban Land Institute wants to know what the future of housing looks like to the generation that’s going to live in it. ULI Boston/New England’s Young Leaders Group has teamed up with the MassINC Polling Group to find out just what’s on the minds of Millennials as it relates...

Chip-And-PIN Is Here! Sort Of.

A few months ago my bank sent me a letter letting me know I’d be issued a new debit card in September. As I recall, the notice included a lot of information about the switch to MasterCard and instructions for activating the new card and destroying the old one. Buried at the end was...