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Doug Quattrochi

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Landlord Certification Now Live, Searchable

The Certified Massachusetts Landlord is a nationwide first. And it can be a differentiator for housing providers statewide seeking good tenants. And it will be a differentiator for MassLandlords in our policy advocacy.

Ranked Choice Voting Is Good for Business

MassLandlords turned some heads earlier this spring when our board of directors endorsed Voter Choice for Massachusetts’ Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative. Yes, we are pushing hard for an initiative that progressive anti-property zealots are supporting. No, we’re not wrong to do so.

Is Greater Boston in a Real Estate Bubble?

Is the price of Greater Boston real estate unfairly high? Are we about to see a correction? These questions ought to weigh heavily on investors’ minds, particularly now as arguments (at least among landlords) seem to intensify.