Scott Van Voorhis

Scott Van Voorhis

Banker & Tradesman Columnist

Scott Van Voorhis is a freelance journalist and columnist with a focus on residential and commercial real estate.
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Spot the Real Crisis

Attorney General Maura Healey clearly can tell a true crisis from a fake one. When it comes to shortages, Massachusetts’ towns foot-dragging and obstruction on housing construction just can’t compete with the regulatory delays faced by pot shops, which she’s aggressively putting a stop to.

Trot Out Those Turkeys

It’s time for the annual turkey shoot, where we look at the biggest development flops, fizzles, thuds, duds, snafus and mediocrities in the making across the Bay State.

Fenway Park Is the Real MVP

It was a canny development decision that laid the foundation for one of the most remarkable transformations in the history of sports. This is the fourth World Series for the Red Sox since a then-obscure hedge fund guru by the name of John Henry and Hollywood producer Tom Werner bought the Red Sox in 2001. On the December day nearly 17 years ago when they emerged victorious from a $700 million-plus bidding war for the team, the new owners vowed to win not one, but multiple World Series.

Seaport Reigns Supreme

What’s in a name? Apparently not much if it happens to be the “Innovation District.” Boston City Hall’s years-long, head-scratching attempt to rename the booming Seaport is officially dead.

Walsh Gains Ground on Building Permits

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh doesn’t strut around acting like the city’s development czar. He doesn’t design tower tops, as his legendary predecessor did, to the detriment of the city’s skyline, with the resulting “baby bottle” high-rise at 111 Huntington.