Scott Van Voorhis

Scott Van Voorhis

Banker & Tradesman Columnist

Scott Van Voorhis is a freelance journalist and columnist with a focus on residential and commercial real estate.
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Boston Seaport District

Seaport Reigns Supreme

What’s in a name? Apparently not much if it happens to be the “Innovation District.” Boston City Hall’s years-long, head-scratching attempt to rename the booming Seaport is officially dead.

Walsh Gains Ground on Building Permits

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh doesn’t strut around acting like the city’s development czar. He doesn’t design tower tops, as his legendary predecessor did, to the detriment of the city’s skyline, with the resulting “baby bottle” high-rise at 111 Huntington.


Gridlock Limits Housing Hunt

Posh suburbs and tony neighborhoods regularly record single-family median sale prices of $1 million or more, while the median sale price in Greater Boston has hit a record $612,000.

Horse race for the prize Oaks.

Debate Over Sports Betting a Waste of Time

Maybe you can’t wait to bet on the Celtics or Patriots, or maybe you don’t particularly give a hoot. But either way, if we’re going to legalize sports betting in Massachusetts, could we just pass a bill and get it over with and not spend years pointlessly debating it?


40R a Failure?

When you are grappling with a problem as big as Massachusetts’ housing crisis, incremental, small-bore solutions just won’t cut it. In fact, such feel good efforts may even do more harm than good, creating the illusion of real action when nothing much is really being done.


Zillow Enters Housing Market – As a Buyer

Things can get much worse right now for homebuyers, and not just in Greater Boston, but in major metro markets across the country. Listings are down by double digits. Buyers are forced to duke it out in bidding wars for increasingly overpriced and older homes in need of work, especially in

A rendering of Washington Place, the 5-story, mixed-use development that has broken ground in Newtonville on the old Orr block, formerly home to the Boston Ballet School. Courtesy of Mark Development.

Local Developer Aims to Reshape Newton

How can a city with so many smart people be so stupid when it comes to development? That’s my question for Newton as the city’s NIMBY elements gear up to do battle with the latest developer looking to bring badly needed housing to the Garden City

Suburban Home For Sale

Another Year of Record-Breaking Prices

Have we reached the peak real estate frenzy yet? Have Greater Boston’s already stratospheric home prices finally reached their zenith? It would be great to be able to point to local factors to predict whether we’ve reached the top of the market, whether it’s Eastern Massachusetts’ ever shrinking supply of homes for sale or buyers finally getting fed up with crazy prices.