Healthy Homes Take Center Stage

For all the personal and financial damage the coronavirus pandemic has caused, it has also given new impetus to what had been a slow-moving trend toward healthier homes. And it’s easy to see why.

Closings Go High and Low

Title companies are pulling out all the stops to get deals closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. But they say the best way to close – not just during the outbreak, but moving forward – is electronically. 

Realtors Learning to Hide Banned Pocket Listings

The National Association of Realtors has all but put a stop to one controversial practice some agents use to hide their listings from other agents. But some crafty realty pros are already finding their way around the new rules.

Trump Looks to Hike G-Fees

Do you know anything about G-fees? You should, because if the White House has its way, homebuyers could soon be paying a few thousand more Gs for financing. 

Military Housing Is Too Often Unfit to Serve

Infestations of rats, mice and other rodents. Toxic black mold. Lead paint. These are the conditions found in much housing provided to our military personnel. And the Pentagon doesn’t appear to have it’s eye on the ball.

Back to the Housing Future

Back to the Housing Future

We are all dreamers. But just how well do we predict what’s going to happen five, 10 or 20 years down the road? We rarely look back to find out.

Let’s Stop the Demolition Derby

What if builders stripped out the good stuff – cabinetry, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, hardwood floors – before bulldozing old dwellings? Then those materials could be used in remodeling jobs, incorporated into new construction, or sold. 

Low Rates Stymie Some Sellers

The lowest mortgage rates in 11 years have brought wannabe homebuyers off the bench and onto the playing field in droves. But low-cost mortgages don’t always help the market.

Online Reviews Aren’t Always Trustworthy

Many people rely on online reviews to decide what to buy. Indeed, research from Nielsen Global Media shows that opinions posted online are second only to personal recommendations in influencing purchase decisions.