Kenneth Harney

Hidden Costs For Homeowners In Latest Tax Bill

The message sent by Republicans in the tax overhaul bill they launched last week is unmistakable and blunt: We think homeowners and buyers have gotten much too sweet a deal from the federal tax code for far too long – and now we’re going to whack them down. No other major sector of the economy gets hit so hard in the proposal in so many places as homeownership.

Udi Meirav

Going Green For The Future Of The Planet – And The Bottom Line

With the building sector responsible for nearly 48 percent of all energy consumption in the U.S. and climate change the subject of heated national discourse, the sector is under growing pressure to make a difficult choice – produce the best financial outcomes, or increase building costs to boost energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


Editorial Cartoon

“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it…but once you do, notice how the open floor plan just soaks up the natural light!”

’Tis The Season

As soon as the leftover candy hits the 50-percent off rack, it’s time for The Holiday Season, and it is upon us now in force.

Kenneth Harney

Homebuyers’ Billion-Dollar Scam Problem Getting Worse

In this year of horrendous cyberheists – Equifax the most prominent – you’ve probably taken at least a few precautions: changed passwords, stopped opening files and links from unknown senders, upgraded your computer security measures, maybe put a freeze on your credit reports.

Bernice Ross

Demolishing First-Time Buyer Myths

Numerous articles have been written proclaiming that it’s cheaper to rent than to buy, that today’s high prices are preventing first-time buyers from purchasing, and that Millennials aren’t nearly as motivated to purchase homes as the Baby Boomers were. The next time you hear one of these

Prepare Now For The Next Superstorm

As Florida, Texas and other areas slammed by devastating hurricanes Harvey and Maria continue to clean up, and experts study the intensity of Atlantic hurricanes, many in the local real estate community are examining the potential impact of a powerful hurricane could have in Massachusetts.

Sheryl Simon

Not Everyone Is Ready To Downsize

I’ve counseled hundreds of empty nester clients over the course of my career and although they share one thing in common – children who have left the family home – their wants and needs are as diverse as the children they’ve raised.


Editorial Cartoon

Stuck in traffic while dangling thousands of feet above the air is still more appealing than dealing with the T’s “moderate” delays.

A Matter Of Rights

Gentrification is not a new phenomenon and plenty of attempts have been made to combat it in the past. Some have come to fruition as laws; others have dropped away in market downturns or in the face of unrelenting progress.

Ben Giumarra

A Change Could Do You Good

A different method of compensation for HELOC originations might give some banks and credit unions a strong advantage over non-depository institutions. So why aren’t any institutions trying this?

Kenneth Harney

Shop Around For Title Insurance

A recent legal settlement between the federal government and a title insurance agency is drawing fresh attention to one of the murkiest, least understood and most expensive items you get charged for in a real estate closing: title insurance.