Legalized Marijuana: Next Steps for Landlords

While implementation of the commonwealth’s recreational marijuana legalization has been slow, as of July 1, licensed facilities may now sell marijuana. Possession of marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, which creates some concerns for residents and landlords alike.

Summer in the Cities

Mid-August is not the Greater Boston area’s best season. The weather is variable (as it always is in New England), swinging from disgusting muggy days – it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity – to cold gray rain, back to searing hot skies and sticky nights.

Shorten Your ‘Cycle Time’

Shorten Your ‘Cycle Time’

Whether it’s the time it takes to generate a lead, convert a lead, take a listing, show buyers property or close a sale, every aspect of the real estate business has a different cycle time.

SJC Ruling Brings Law in Line With Industry Practices

Since at least 1940, parties to construction contracts have been held to high standard of showing “complete and strict performance of all [of the construction contract’s] terms.” This has historically turned otherwise straightforward disputes over payment into battles where the parties could point to any performance failure as a basis to avoid liability.

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