ARPA Money Can Help Fund Housing

I applaud Gov. Charlie Baker for proposing $1 billion in new funding for new rental and homeownership opportunities. At the same time, we also must seize this opportunity to invest in our existing housing stock to make it more affordable.

Landlords Need Help on Green Conversions

When operating a commercial building, whether offices, apartments or something else, a sudden, massive capital expense is the last thing anyone needs. But many class B and C building owners in Boston will find themselves in that situation as the city tightens the screws on carbon emissions.

Is Anyone Reading Their Documents Before E-Signing?

Digital signatures have made signing the reams of transaction paperwork virtually painless. The ease of signing digitally, however, has created a whole set of different issues that agents, brokers, and lenders must monitor in order to keep their documents secure.

Secure Winter Curb Appeal, From the Top Down

The number of houses for sale is beginning to increase, bidding wars are not as prevalent, and the housing sector is moving into what are normally the slower fall and winter months. So, sellers need to be doing more to attract the attention of would-be buyers.

Boston Takes a Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

Based on input from the business community, Boston’s new requirements for carbon neutrality in the city’s commercial buildings are clearer and more achievable. But hard work remains to make BERDO 2.0 succeed.

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