Could a Recession Be Just Around the Corner?

The current expansion has lasted since the official end of the Great Recession in June 2009, or almost nine and a half years. If it lasts seven months more, it’ll be the longest expansion in at least 160 years.

Momentum Building for LIBOR Replacements

Imagine you sign a contract and later learn that one of its key financial underpinnings will be replaced by something unknowable. That is the reality if you enter into a financial transaction involving the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR.

In Favor of the Good

It is no badge of honor that Boston continues to be the third-most expensive rental market in the country. In our area, home values have little relationship to area wages and employers and entrepreneurs are hamstrung in attracting workers who have choices to move to attractive and less costly housing markets.  

Fidelity Not Buffaloed

The Supreme Judicial Court rejected a real estate company’s argument courts should not invalidate a binding real estate appraisal because the appraiser’s firm, but not the appraiser himself, allegedly had a conflict of interest.

Amy Anthony: 1944–2018

Amy Anthony: 1944–2018

The affordable housing world lost a giant with the death of Amy Anthony on Dec. 9. Housing leaders all over the country have reacted the same way when hearing news of her death: “I owe so much of my career and professional life to her.”

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