Parcel 25 Shows DEI Isn’t ‘Too Hard’

The diversity of the development teams vying for a piece of state-owned land in downtown Boston is something to be celebrated. But it also gives lie to the old saw that it’s “too hard to find” diverse firms to partner with.

Biden Needs to Put the Screws to the Suburbs

Biden Needs to Put the Screws to the Suburbs

The Biden Administration has proposed spending a stunning $213 billion to tackle our nation’s growing affordable housing crisis. But in the end, all that extra cash sloshing around will fuel bidding wars for an artificially limited number of urban sites.

How to Win a Bidding War

A recent column about would-be homebuyers giving up because they keep losing bidding wars brought a flurry of responses: Readers want to know how they can become winners in this arena.

Financial Regulators Want to Learn More About AI

Federal banking regulators are taking a closer look at artificial intelligence, largely driven by the financial industry’s expanding use of AI. The question is whether they will be able to successfully adapt to address AI’s potential shortcomings. 

What Landlords Need from Boston’s Next Mayor

To solve Boston’s affordable housing crunch, landlords and our representatives like MassLandlords need a seat at the table. Like the local restaurants, we deserve to have input to address the post-pandemic recovery and lingering housing crisis.

Watertown ‘Megacampus’ Should Ring Alarm Bells

Alexandria Real Estate Equities’ stated plans for a “megacampus” in East Watertown should be a wake-up call to Gov. Charlie Baker and state legislative leaders. The MBTA needs a more robust planning staff and a more agile attitude among senior leaders to keep up with changes in the state economy.

Boston Needs a Bold and Inclusive Development Strategy

As Boston recovers from the pandemic, we must approach growth and development in a way that is forward-thinking, sustainable and above all, inclusive. We have an opportunity to make housing more affordable while getting creative about placemaking to bring vibrancy back to our neighborhoods as the pandemic lifts.

Amid COVID Upheaval, Retailers Pivoted Nimbly

Amid COVID Upheaval, Retailers Pivoted Nimbly

Like nearly all industries, the retail industry has weathered an unprecedented storm over the last year. While COVID brought about challenges beyond anticipation, it also accelerated trends that have quietly challenged industry norms for the past decade.

Black Lives Matter to Banks, But Not Banking

Two weeks ago five of the nation’s largest banks did an about-face, asking shareholders to vote against proposals calling for third-party racial equity audits. But here’s the truth: What you don’t measure, you can’t manage.

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