Time for Legislature to Step Up

Massachusetts is arriving at a moment of truth for the MBTA: Will the political establishment shake off its torpor and take bold, aggressive steps to ensure its success in the face of a neglectful governor?

As Rates Rise, Condo Market Loses Momentum

As Rates Rise, Condo Market Loses Momentum

This year got off to a strong start and we even had a scattering of suburban-esque bidding wars, but it hasn’t been all fun and games for every developer. However, a significant decline in transaction volume in luxury neighborhoods is cause for concern.

Listing Data Can Come Up Short

Three out of four homebuyers start their house hunt online. But if that’s the extent of your search, you could be missing out on any number of places that fit your parameters.

Boston’s High Spine Has a New Neighbor

Boston’s High Spine Has a New Neighbor

Boston is a city rich with history. For many, this is what makes it so special. So developing a new luxury tower at the intersection of two historic neighborhoods came with its own set of challenges and unique solutions.

City Property Push Could Aid Transfer Tax

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu gave the state legislature perhaps her strongest argument yet to accept her transfer tax proposal last week when she laid out a goal of creating affordable housing “as quickly as we can.” on over 1,200 underutilized city-owned properties. 

Signs Are Still Silent Salespeople

Some sellers have a good reason for not wanting one. But for most people, “For Sale” signs are a 24-hour marketing tool that shouldn’t be ignored, even as house hunts mostly start online.

Housing Is at a Tipping Point. The Next Governor Can Help

New Census data has highlighted what so many renters and would-be homebuyers have struggled with for years: Massachusetts’ housing costs are out of control. This latest data likely isn’t a surprise to my fellow business leaders who have seen firsthand the damage it’s done our state and economy.

TOPA Is Good Housing Policy

Misinformation has been spreading about what the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act would do. Here are the facts, and the many places it’s been refined with real estate industry feedback.

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