Mixed Use Replaces Retail

The recent Chapter 11 filings by Sears and Toys R Us offer additional signs that conventional retailers – and the properties they anchor – face an uncertain future.

Commonwealth Committed to Early Childhood Education

High-quality child care facilities benefit children, their families and society. Facilities with lots of natural light, access to play indoors and outdoors, and space that supports teacher planning and encourages parental involvement are essential to fostering children’s health and well-being, especially for children living in low-income neighborhoods.

Getting Smart On the Future of Transportation

The future of the transportation system in Massachusetts is a growing concern to commuters, businesses and residents throughout the state. There is heavy congestion and increased commuting times on our roads, while the mass transit system continues to be unreliable and inadequate.

Which Is Better at Valuing Your Home – You or a Computer Program?

Do you have a pretty good idea of what your house is worth? Could you estimate within, say, 5 percent of what it’s likely to sell for? If so, would that make you more accurate about your home value than an estimate from a computer program loaded with recent sales data and algorithms?

Fast Track to Success

What do the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers, a privately owned ice cream distributor and a pioneering developer of a new class of medicines have in common?

Diversity and Inclusion in CRE

Perhaps not surprising to anyone who has worked in the industry or attended a commercial real estate event, the profession remains overwhelmingly white and male.

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