Jim NyeJim Nye is the kind of CEO who truly believes in a open-door policy – though that may be a tad redundant in his case, since he’s more likely to be found greeting customers out in the lobby than cooped up in his office anyway.

His banking philosophy is simple: Make his customers happy that they bank with National Grand Bank. And that extends to his charitable work – he wants to help make every resident of his community as happy to live in Marblehead – his hometown – as he is.

“I love the town of Marblehead, and I’ll do anything for the town of Marblehead. It’s given me and my family everything – so many opportunities. So I’m happy to give back,” Nye said.

He’s been a selectman in Marblehead for almost 10 years, acts as an advisor for the local high school’s junior rotary league, and assists with Grand National’s high school branch, which helps teach teenagers about banking and has provided a fertile recruiting ground for the bank. He recently retired from the playing field, after spending years coaching his three daughter’s sports teams.

“It is rare to see Jim turn down helping a local charity that either comes in to the bank to meet him or sends him a letter. Jim is constantly thinking about helping those in need,” wrote Greg D’Antona, Grand National’s BSA and compliance officer, in Nye’s nomination for a Community Bank Hero award. “During every hour of every day, Jim’s priorities are his family, his bank, his community and how his bank can help the community it does business in.”

Jim Nye

by Colleen M. Sullivan time to read: 1 min