Small Business Loans in Minority Neighborhoods Increase

The number of small business loan originations and total volume in minority areas in Massachusetts in 2016 was the highest it’s been in nearly a decade. But both of those categories still only make up less than 10 percent of all Community Reinvestment Act loans issued in the commonwealth in 2016.

Michael Roy

It’s no surprise that Michael Roy became a CRA officer, as the position brings together two of his greatest passions – community banking and community service. Volunteering is “my obligation as a community member,” he said. “The ability to help out others is an important part of being in a community. It helps us all be stronger when everyone has opportunities.”

OneUnited To Seek New Boston HQ

OneUnited Bank is closing two of its Los Angeles branches and seeking a new location for its Boston headquarters, the bank said recently. The Ladera and Pasadena branches the bank is seeking to eliminate make up a quarter of its total branch network. OneUnited said in a statement that it would maintain its Miami...