U.S. Unsecured Credit: The Next Bubble to Burst?

While the current housing debt remains relatively flat to the prerecession numbers, the nonhousing debt has grown 31 percent in the last 10 years. The larger concern is that two-thirds of that debt, or $2.21 trillion, is unsecured. Another crisis potentially looms with no collateral to assist in a recovery.

Can 495 Bounce Back?

Savvy commercial real estate investors love a bargain and discounts abound on the Route 495 belt, where sprawling former tech campuses can sell for the price of a luxury condominium in Boston.

Demolishing First-Time Buyer Myths

Numerous articles have been written proclaiming that it’s cheaper to rent than to buy, that today’s high prices are preventing first-time buyers from purchasing, and that Millennials aren’t nearly as motivated to purchase homes as the Baby Boomers were. The next time you hear one of these

Millennials Anxious About Down Payments

Anxiety about having enough money for a down payment is one of the factors keeping Millennial renters from buying a home, according to a new national survey by LoanDepot cited in the September 2017 Down Payment Report.