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Driverless Cars Will Radically Change Real Estate

Flying cars might still be a ways off, but driverless cars are much closer to reality than most consumers realize – and it’s difficult to overstate how much they’re going to impact the economy, perhaps most dramatically real estate....

Paper house under a magnifying lens

Bank CRE Concentrations Remain High

It’s no secret that commercial real estate concentrations at community banks have been on the rise. While regulators maintain a keen eye on the sector, their concerns do not seem...
Long Island Bridge

Mayor Proposes a Very Expensive Bridge to Nowhere

There’s just one word to describe plans to build a bridge to reopen a homeless shelter on a real-estate-gold-mine of an island in Boston Harbor: Boneheaded....
Normandy Real Estate Partners is marketing nearly 500,000 square feet of build-to-suit office space at three sites within its Founders Park development in Needham, including up to 220,000 square feet at 380 First Ave.

The Death and Life of Suburban Office Space

Can America’s Technology Highway survive as an economic force in an era when employers are willing to pay big premiums for a downtown Boston address?...

Hot Property: February 19, 2018

The opening of Archer Hotel Burlington marks a significant milestone for this area and our collection, bringing Archer’s high-quality boutique offering and anticipatory service to a market that is mostly defined by traditional hotel experiences. It has been a well-received, welcome addition across...

Planning Urban Suburbia

After studying history, architecture and economics, David Dixon discovered his talent for design by chance and has been following that passion ever since. He’s won numerous awards for his planning and architecture work and has written several books; he co-edited the recently released “Suburban R...

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