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Assembly Row Growing Pains Strain Parking

Somerville’s Assembly Row is straining against the limits of its parking capacity as MBTA riders take advantage of 2,100 spaces near the 3-year-old Orange Line station, while shoppers check out 20 new shops and restaurants opening this year. “It was a free-for-all for anyone and everyone coming to Assembly Row, including people jumping on the Orange Line and working in Boston for eight hours,” said David Middleton, Assembly Row’s assistant general manager. ...

Building Strength on Strength

Paul Ayoub, a partner in the real estate department at the Boston-based law firm Nutter, has been named as the incoming chairman of the board of directors of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. His tenure begins July 1....

Framingham Bucks the Trend, Embraces Multifamily Housing

The rise of Amazon and ecommerce is fast turning into an extinction level event for malls, which now face the same fate as all the neighborhood stores and shops they once shuttered on Main Street. And our own bevy of retail bazaars here in Massachusetts is hardly immune to the pressures...
Healthy Pharms

Century Bank Named in Lawsuit Targeting Medical Marijuana Facility

Medford-based Century Bank, the only known financial institution in Massachusetts that banks marijuana businesses, has been named a co-conspirator in a civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act case that hopes to shut down the Georgetown-based medical marijuana dispensary Healthy Phar...

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