Between the state and federal eviction moratoriums, apartment landlords are in a tight spot.

Tens of thousands of Massachusetts workers in renter-heavy sectors like restaurants and hotels have lost their jobs thanks to COVID-19-linked economic shutdowns. And as summer turns to fall with little prospect of the virus’ imminent defeat, many are issuing dire warnings about the fates of many businesses in both areas.

Landlords, particularly “mom and pop” landlords who own only a few rental units, are facing tough challenges, too. With Congress unable to agree on more unemployment assistance or other forms of aid to help these renters make both missed and future rent payments, many are wondering what their financial future holds. Industry groups say some landlords are already selling out of the business and warn of more to come.

But will this turn into a flood? And will any move to sell large numbers of units be an opportunity for investors or other landlords? Take our poll and tell us what your gut says.

Weekly Poll: Have Eviction Freezes Created an Investment Opportunity?

by Banker & Tradesman time to read: 1 min