Even though a number of new buildings are rising around Boston and a flurry of applications for more has begun to blanket local planning officials, signs abound that the commercial real estate industry could be in for a rough patch.

New office leases are essentially at a standstill, and new luxury apartment projects around Boston are offering all manner of incentives to try and fill units that are suddenly not moving thanks to the coronavirus.

And a vocal group of industry figures says they believe the state’s likely-to-be-long-running work-from-home experiment will result in companies decamping for suburban office space.

But amid the uncertainty, do you think this most recent commercial real estate cycle is over? Or is it just changing shape as lenders and investors look for new opportunities different from the ones that have dominated the last 10 years? Take our poll and tell us!


Weekly Poll: Is This Commercial Real Estate Cycle Over?

by Banker & Tradesman time to read: 1 min